About us

Our passion is to collect original antique maps, books, decorative prints and master prints and make them available to our international customers. Since 2003, more than 47.000 items have been published to our own website as well as to our stores on eBay, Amazon and Abebooks. All our items have an in-depth description.

We already have many customers in the UK and Ireland. For their ease of access, we have decided to launch an eBay store in the UK and Ireland in summer 2012. And in spring 2013, we have (re)launched our own Internet site, where you will now find our full catalogue.

We have sold antique maps and prints to more than 65 countries all over the world. With our home base in The Netherlands, we are looking forward to meet you as a customer in our store.


Customer Feedback

We are very proud to be a Top Rated Seller on eBay and to have an outstanding customer rating on our eBay store in the USA.

Top rated seller eBay store USA The Printscollector

Our customers

During the last nine years we have been buying and selling original antique maps and prints.

Our customers are:

  • Collectors, who are looking for a valuable addition to their private collection,
  • Looking for a personal gift, for a friend or a business relation,
  • Decorators, who are looking for a map or print to frame and to decorate their home and
  • Antique dealers, where we have many international business colleagues as our clients.

Mission The PrintsCollector

"Our mission is to enable all of our customers to find a valuable original antique map, print or book in our store that fits their personal interest and budget."

Our team

ThePrintsCollector team has a vast, diverse experience and background:

  • Peter Cornelissen - Peter has a design, architecture and paper restoration background. He is one of the most respected antiquarians in the Netherlands. He is mostly responsible for our buying activities and servicing our wholesale customers. He is a graduate from the University of Wageningen.
  • Margo van Latum Van Dongen - Margo is logistically responsible for running all our online and eBay activities. Her experience in management and caring for people is helping her incredibly in this business. She is a graduate from the University of Maastricht.
  • Frank van Latum - Frank is responsible for designing and structuring our online activities. Separately he also owns and runs a consulting firm in the area of internet and intranet communication. His experience make our processes sometimes run faster than the internet itself. He is a mathematics and internet graduate from the University of Nijmegen.
  • In addition, our administrative staff consists of two assistants dedicated to prints description and processing.

The team of The Printscollector
Together we are dedicated to having you, as our valued customer, experience us in a personable yet utmost professional manner. We sell our antique maps and prints through our large eBay stores. In addition, we run the international website ThePrintsCollector.com and the Dutch website HetPrentenKabinet.nl. We also have a regular antique maps and prints business in The Netherlands.